About Maren Milton


My name is Maren Milton, owner here at Peaceful Woods Farm, LLC, our little farm in the woods in rural Georgetown, Delaware. It may be a small farm, but we are very serious about our commitment to natural horsemanship training. I grew up in Spain, learning to ride from a classically trained retired Spanish mounted military officer at a Spanish “picadero”. There have been many tough horses in my life, but they have taught me how to ride properly and correctly, and it was an excellent foundation for me. However, I learned nothing about partnership! Fast forward to when I finally got my own horse as an adult rider. I turned to Natural Horsemanship for help and learned all about horse psychology and relationship-based horsemanship from many different sources. Over the past two decades I have dedicated myself to understanding the psychology of horses. I’ve studied with masters such as Pat Parelli, Buck Brannaman, Craig Cameron, and many others. I’ve been exploring and educating myself over the years on how to achieve getting horses to REALLY love being with you. What a difference in my mindset and theirs! There is no end to the learning process. Now I’m anxious to share this knowledge and these training techniques with YOU! Have you ever heard the statement “There’s nothing natural about horsemanship?” That’s why I’m here to help! If you’re having difficulties with your horse, it’s natural! We have all been there, and I can help you!

Please feel free to contact me at Peaceful Woods Farm to schedule an appointment for a free consultation or to assess your horse for training. I call my training “Peaceful Ride Horsemanship” because I believe it is everyone’s goal to have a peaceful relationship with their horse whether to ride or just be together in harmony.


~Life is a journey; enjoy the ride!