• About Maren Milton
Natural Horsemanship Training - Horseback Riding Lessons for all Ages


Learn to communicate with your horse in a way in which you can understand each other and develop a meaningful relationship.


“Horses can talk; learn the language!”


Getting started in Natural Horsemanship is a commendable goal, but not always an easy one to follow through on. I can help you through the rough spots, provide encouragement, guide you and your horse through the phases of learning and provide moral support. Don’t have a horse? Not a problem. See the Riding Lesson rates for learning Natural Horsemanship as part of our lesson program at Peaceful Woods Farm.


Natural Horsemanship Training for You and Your Horse:

Learn the easy, reliable steps to training your own horse!

  • 1 Hour Private:  $60 (Group lessons available for you and a friend!)
  • Each Additional ½ Hour: $20
  • (Package of six 1-hour Lessons: $300)


Horseback Riding Lessons – Training Ride On Trail (TROT): 

  • $80 and up (min. 1 ½ hours)
  • (plus mileage and/or horse transport fee if necessary)
  • Having trouble with your horse on trail? Ride one of my reliable, trail-safe horses on trail while I ride yours. This will help you to see first hand how to handle different situations on trail! It will add valuable tools to your training toolbox, helping to both build your confidence and your horse’s. Whenever you’re ready we can switch horses! I also recommend saddle and groundwork lesson plans to continue your success at home.


Trailer Loading Sessions:

  • $150 per session, usually about 2 hours. (Recommended for difficult loaders.)
  • And/Or Packages of six 1-hour sessions to start you on the road to learning the groundwork necessary to training your horse how to load like a pro! ($300)


(Unfortunately I am not currently able to take on boarders for training.)