Horseback Riding Lessons


(By appointment only)


Our goal is to offer private, one-on-one, partnership-based riding lessons for people of all ages. Our private backyard-barn setting allows for a relaxed, stress-free atmosphere in which to learn and grow in your horsemanship journey, at your own pace. Our emphasis is on safety first, and learning to understand how horses think, which will give you a strong foundation that will carry over into the saddle and into any equestrian discipline.



  • Pony Rides on site: $20
    (includes grooming, tacking, and a 15 min. pony ride)
  • ½ Hour Private Riding Lesson: $40
  • 1 Hour Private Riding Lesson: $60
  • 1 Hour Semi-Private Riding Lesson: $50 per person
    (limited to two people)
  • 1 ½ Hour Private Horsemanship Lesson: $80
    (Includes ½ hour Groundwork Session and an hour in the saddle)
  • 1 Hour Groundwork Lesson: $60
  • Min. 1 ½ Hour Private “Training Ride On Trail” (TROT) Lesson: $80 and up.

Learn to ride out in the beauty of nature on trail!
(Currently limited to one person per trail ride.)

(Lesson packages and multi-child family discounts available upon request.)
Private Horsemanship/Riding Lessons on Site Include grooming, tacking and saddle time.



  • Hallelujah – Our Gentle Giant. He is our 18-hand Percheron/Quarter Horse. He is an amazing lesson horse for beginners and for riding on trail.
  • Li’l Man – Mr. Know-it All. He is our 14.3-hand brown and white Paint. He is our Jack of all trades, is an overachiever, and loves to go out on trail.
  • Winter – Our Little White Pony. He is 12 hands and cute as a button. He does pony rides, beginner lessons and is our Pony Party Pro.


HORSE”man”SHIP Lessons = Learning how to be, where to be, when to be, and why to be with horses to form a lasting partnership!
Horsemanship is WAY more than riding! It’s learning HOW to be around horses.

Horsemanship/Riding lessons entail learning how to handle a horse from the ground up, including:

  • Leading
  • Grooming
  • Tacking up
  • Groundwork
  • Riding

Your lessons will cover how to lead, groom, tack up, do basic groundwork and ride SAFELY. Our primary goal at Peaceful Woods Farm is to teach our students how to be safe around horses, develop a partnership, and ride correctly, which transfers over into any riding discipline! We are not a show barn, but sometimes participation in a fun show, obstacle course or organized trail ride can be arranged.



Work-to-ride students perform barn duties and complete various chores around the barn in exchange for ride time. You must be at least 13 years of age and be able to push a large wheel barrow to become a work-to-ride student. Hours are flexible and may vary. A long-term commitment is preferable, but not mandatory. Compensated ride time may be in the form of a riding lesson, free-ride time (ride on your own under my supervision) or a trail ride on or off site, all depending on the circumstances and riding experience. Work-to-ride time is approximately 2-1 (two hours of work time to one hour of riding) but riding time may vary.



Share-boarding a horse is also a possibility to the right individual. Unlike the work-to-ride arrangement, this would involve a scheduled, regular commitment by a mature, experienced person 18 years or older and would include barn chores and feeding responsibilities on a regular basis in exchange for solo riding on property as well as trail riding privileges.