• Pony Parties

Pony Parties for Kids and Adults!


Located in Georgetown, DE, servicing Sussex county and the surrounding areas of the contiguous Delmarva peninsula.

Meet our pony party mounts:

Winter: Our 10 hand beautiful little white pony who loves his job. About waist high, Winter is kind and friendly; the perfect pony for small children. (Weight limit 100 lbs.)

Li’l Man: Our small brown and white Paint horse standing at 14.3 hands. He is Mr. Reliable. He’s very serious about his job and is large enough for bigger kids to ride, yet gentle enough for small children to enjoy as well.
FYI:  A pony is any horse less than 14.2 hands.  (58 inches, 1 hand = 4”)


Pony Parties for Kids and Adults!

  • Children’s Birthdays
  • Family Gatherings
  • School Functions
  • Church or Corporate Functions
  • Special Events



  • Girls & Boy Scouts
  • Library Programs
  • Summer Camps
  • Home Schoolers


Pony Party Rates:

  • 1 Pony for 1 Hour: $300 (within 20 miles of our farm location)
    (over 20 miles away, add $50 per 20 miles)
  • 1 Pony for 1 ½ Hours: $350 (Add $50 for each additional ½ hour.)
  • 2 Ponies for 1 Hour: $400 (Add $100 for each additional ½ hour.)
    ($50 non-refundable deposit and/or cancellation fee due upon reservation.)
  • Balance is payable in cash upon pony’s arrival at the party.

Pony Parties for Kids and Adults!
Also Available:
Pay-Per-Ride Pony Rides for LARGE Events at Your Location:

  • $10 per ride.
  • Payable in cash by each rider (or rider’s custodian)


24-Hour Cancellation due to weather is at client’s discretion. Once the pony is on its way, full payment is required, regardless of the weather. No refunds due to shorter stay.